Co-founder of Axon Art, he designed a musical experience using consumer the Muse brain-computer headset with Max/MSP. It was showcased at NeurotechMTL’s 1st anniversary at SAT. Using the users electric brain-signal as a poly-synthesiser and signal treatment algorithms, he crafted sonic experiences while explaining the technologies and core electronic music concept used.

As part of the collective’s first event, he showcased AVDrum. Recycling an old Rockback videogame drumkit as a MIDI controller, he enabled the user to jam while being immersed in an audiovisual installation. The user was filmed interacting with the drum and included in the visuals. This led him to feel multiple phases of discovery, evolving from perplexity to amusement.

Renaud’s work is multidisciplinary; combining interactivity, electronic music and visual arts. He combines multiple techniques to craft inclusive experience. The user is guided to use his installations in order to feel and learn something. He deeply believes in using new technologies in a creative way, making it less abstract for the collectivity.